This Is Not An Anti-AA Campaign

[This is the writing and perspective of Cody Rickett and does not reflect the opinion of Yogani on either Alcoholics Anonymous or recovery. While Yogani is quoted, it should be clearly understood that these lessons are completely separate from AYP, and that Cody is responsible for offering this platform of recovery.]

The 12-step program and its fellowship are struggling. Anyone who has spent an extended amount of time in the fellowship can verify this predicament. A new approach is needed—one that is more realistic and practical in terms of utilizing the body and mind as a portal to the Infinite. The hardline separation between God and human beings is a theological concept that fails in delivering real change. No amount of atonement for sins or moral presumptions will complete the transformation. We need tools that directly attune the nervous system to the reality of cosmic consciousness. We need more practice and less belief. We need more wholeness and less divisive thinking. We need to focus on the cause-and-effect relationship of our ideologies, emotions, and actions. We need to discern between what is real, and what is imagined. We need to tell the difference between true and false. We need liberation, and we need it NOW.

The instructional topics within this section are intended to deconstruct some of the flaws within AA, and to use those flaws as a springboard to get us closer to the truth of recovery and addiction. This discourse is not intended to be an anti-AA campaign. Quite the contrary, AA deserves much credit for getting the ball rolling in regards to recovery. However, the time has come to carry the torch further and ascend to greater heights.