Blog #99: Grip and Traction

Blog #99: Grip and Traction

It's been a while since I've written a blog on recovery. In part, because I want to write about life beyond recovery, and in part, because the response to AYP for Recovery has been minimal. But the other night I was watching a UFC fight at a sports bar with my friend, and being surrounded by all that drinking, I was prompted to revisit some of my favorite themes related to alcohol and addiction.

As we sat in a booth, the server brought my buddy a bucket of beer bottles chilled in ice, and we started to talk about drinking. He knows I'm sober, and he actually has shown an interest in jumping on the wagon himself, so we've had these kind of conversations before. I reminisced about the kind of beers I used to enjoy, especially the Belgian ales, with their robust flavor and high alcohol content. And as I was reminiscing, it occurred to me that one of the appeals to drinking beer may be the fact that there are literally tons of microorganisms involved in the process of fermentation, which is an essential stage in creating the intoxicating brew. The living yeast absorb the sugar, then spit out alcohol as their waste product, and the resulting toxin is what binds to the digestive system of a human being, thereby yielding a post-death euphoria. There is an aliveness in the barrel.

[Side note: In-toxic-ation comes from the Latin root toxicare, meaning "to poison".]

So, there is a kind of gnarly grip and traction in the act of drinking. Just as we appreciate the sensation of our rubber tires gripping the pavement and finding enough traction to accelerate, so do we appreciate the sensation of moving forward in our realm of consciousness, especially in the direction of happiness. Nobody likes spinning their wheels and going nowhere. We need something to sink into. We need to make progress, even if that progress is settling into stillness.

Back in 2010, when I had a sober peak experience involving the revelation of vast inner space and the flowering of the crown chakra (with pristine and lucid obviousness), I came to know, through direct experience, and at such a core level, that there was an abundance of grip and traction to be found on the non-physical plane. And most importantly, I knew, without a doubt, that the quality of ecstasy and exuberance was far superior to what I had experienced through drugs and alcohol. And because the magic was inside my being, and not catalyzed by an external source, that's what sold me on investing in, and sticking with, a path of yoga and meditation. That was the kicker.

The next day I found AYP on the Internet, and Yogani's mention of a "divine addiction" captured my attention, and I haven't looked back since.

The ongoing mission is simply to continue to unlock the magic within the body and mind, and to let that flow outward. That is the purview of the soul, and that is how soulfulness is brought into daily life. Fortunately, I have landed in the field of massage therapy, reflexology, and teaching AYP, so the opportunity to feed that addictive cycle is not lacking.

May you find grip and traction along your path, and may it propel you to greater heights, here and now.

The higher power is in us.

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