Blog #98: Third Season of Narcos

Blog #98: Third Season of Narcos

I just finished watching the third season of Narcos on Netflix. The show portrays the DEA's involvement in bringing down the major drug cartels of Columbia in recent decades.

The prevalent theme in the show seems to be: Small battles get won, but the war goes on. The DEA agents manage to kill or imprison some godfathers, but new criminals quickly step in to take their place. There is no true victory, and certainly no end to cocaine trafficking.

The War on Drugs is not a fight that can be won by the rule of law, by fear of punishment, or even by increased regulation and moderation. There is only one way to win the war, and that is through global renunciation. What do I mean by global renunciation? I mean a collective letting go, a forward transformation, a conscious choice to engage in superior alternatives on a mass scale.

Desire is at the heart of addiction, and ironically, desire is the only thing that can free us from harsher forms of abuse, so that we can refine into purer forms of addiction. From the very beginning, Yogani has said that the path of full-scope yoga is a divine addiction, and after picking up AYP in 2010, I am still severely addicted. I have to do this stuff everyday.

There's no pacifying a desire that burns with great intensity. The only real choice is to harness the flame—to shape and mold the fire so that the heat radiates outward in a more evolved manner. Sure, there is water to cool things down, but the element of fire will always have a place in the spectrum of planetary existence, and we don't need to eliminate that fundamental role.

In any case, I was really impressed by the craftsmanship within Narcos. I found it very easy to succumb to the necessary suspension of disbelief. The actors and actresses played their parts with full emotional investment. The editing, cinematography, and other components of film-making seamlessly synchronized together to create a gripping story full of luxury, horror, adventure, and even liberation.

The show reminded me: I don't want to get rid of drugs or alcohol; I want to transcend them. And the only way to transcend them is to definitively experience a sort of intoxication and reverie that surpasses the bandwidth of artificial inebriation previously indulged in. As the new kind of sublimation occurs, there is no repression or prohibition required, because there is no effort to go backwards. When desire and effort point forward, and move along in cyclical and linear patterns, then the old remnants are easily left behind and dissolved in the wake.

Who knows how much longer humanity will ingest drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes? All I know is that it's not effective to try to stop them or persuade them from getting their kicks. What is effective is to carve out a fresh niche where ecstatic bliss is being cultivated and manifested, and to open doors for people who want to walk through to the higher plane of existence. Ultimately, the path must be wholly voluntary. No coercion or force, no denial or censorship. Only freedom to choose.

Free will is real. We are not merely conglomerations of ingrained habits. We are spontaneous thinkers and doers who can alter our destiny at the drop of a hat. With a foundation in stillness and connection to Mother Nature, the possibilities to co-create become increasingly more achievable.

Thank you to the creative minds of Narcos who have embellished the saga of the War on Drugs and brought awareness to both sides of the coin.

The higher power is in us.

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