Blog #91: Logan’s Daughter

Blog #91: Logan’s Daughter

The primal desire to be more than what we are is screaming inside us. And the movies that keep getting released in the theaters are revealing how desperate we truly are. It seems as if we are reaching a fever pitch, a tipping point, a bridge that we must cross. Something's gotta give.

The new X-Men movie Logan is full of that type of savage yearning. When the claws of Wolverine pierce the flesh of his enemies, each stab is like a cry for freedom. If only we could use those vicious knives to penetrate the walls of limitation, then we might fight our way through to a more utopian place.

In the film, they are in search of a place called Eden, where the last remnants of the mutants are supposedly hiding. Logan is driving his newfound daughter Laura across the country to reach the promised land, but they are being hunted by some government mercenaries. In order to persist in their journey, father and daughter have to do a lot of killing to protect themselves along the way.

Oh yes, Laura has claws of her own, and she's equally as ferocious as her dad. She's quite young (11 years old), but she can murder grown men in less than a second.

Watching this beautiful, young girl throw herself into slaughtering rampages was somehow soothing to me, in a twisted way. I guess it was soothing because I was so comforted by her power and ability to protect herself. Usually, a girl of her age and cuteness is the epitome of vulnerability and innocence. Not so much with Laura. She is a warrior, and not to be trifled with.

In the Hindu goddess mythology, Kali's weapon of choice is the scimitar, and she wears a garland of human skulls around her neck. I find it fascinating that Kali devotees worship Her as a deity, in part because she is portrayed so violently. Kali is not exactly as demure as the Virgin Mary of Catholicism.

Yet, it makes sense, because Kali is a protector of the sanctity of life. There is purpose in her madness. Such is the case with little Laura, who is on a mission to unite with her fellow mutants in Eden. Both Kali and Laura symbolize the rise of the Divine Feminine on the global scene. And there are plenty of non-fictional personalities who embody that trend as well. Take, for example, Ronda Rousey, who has been instrumental in bringing women's mixed martial arts (MMA) into the limelight.

In regards to violence, in AYP, we caution against trying too hard to break through. It's a tricky game, because when the desire is so intense to progress and reach Eden, there can be an impulse to break through the obstructions holding us back. But the act of breaking through can ironically create more obstructions, like when a broken bone debilitates our movement and forces us to spend time in recovery, or like when we get burned out by drugs and alcohol, after using them as artificial shortcuts to transcendence.

In the art of Deep Meditation, Yogani does not advise using the mantra like a sledgehammer. There is more finesse to the technique. Rather than trying to break through, we are better served by sweeping through, floating through, sliding through, gliding through—if you catch my drift. The job of housecleaning the nervous system is less about violence and more about nurturing and exploring our inner space.

Paradoxically, the primal desire to surge forward can remain—in fact, the desire must remain if we are to accelerate—even as we refine our methods for traversing the territory between our current position and the promised land. We can still sustain a fierce intensity as we melt on the inside. Then our radiance can stop the fights before they even begin, and life will be more of a playful dance than a struggle against enemies.

But even if you still have a thirst for wrestling and striking, that engagement can become a creative showcase displayed in the spirit of fairness and cooperation. The professional women of MMA are fond of hugging each other immediately after beating each other to a pulp. The violence doesn't outshine the love.

I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I sure wouldn't mind if fierce little Laura was part of her chosen ideal.

The higher power is in us.

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