Blog #83: Reformation and Revolution

Blog #83: Reformation and Revolution

The 1st Step of AA: "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable."

If I were to re-write the 1st step of AA, I would re-write it to be this: "We have power over alcohol, and that power comes from letting go of alcohol and picking up something new."

It's a big mistake to assume a position of powerlessness at the beginning of sobriety and recovery. The reason why it's such a big mistake is that because people in need of recovery are already in a place of disempowerment, and to plunge further into powerlessness does not provide a solution to the problem.

Of course, seeking a higher power is highly advantageous, but if that higher power is not sought within oneself, there will be no substantial progress. If the higher power is regarded to be an external deity that is not part of oneself, the recovering person will be stuck in a psychological trap of misbelieved and misperceived separation, rather than union with divinity. The Higher Power is the Higher Self, and both are found within. It's that simple.

The ultimate source of power is stillness. The source of all creation comes from inner silence. Energy emerges from the seed of tranquility.

Therefore, a person in recovery must immediately adopt a strategy of merging with stillness—to regain their power, to be restored to full health, and to surpass their former state of being. By adopting such a strategy, a person will become a living organism of stillness in action, and a vessel for the outpouring of divine love.

When a person must let go of something that they've been holding onto for a prolonged period, it can be difficult if that person does not have something new to grab hold of. A person needs something new to grab hold of in order to let go of the old habit, pattern, or object of energized attention. So, with recovery, a person can let go of drugs and alcohol, and immediately start to pick up new habits from the baseline of AYP, with self-pacing applied. This shift is more than a change in belief; it is a change in behavior and neurobiology at the deepest level.

This process of active surrender is not contrary or adversarial to personal will power. This process of active surrender is the epitome and ultimate achievement of personal will power. We are, after all, surrendering to our Self.

The higher power is in us.

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