Blog #75: Massage Therapy

Blog #75: Massage Therapy

I started massage school on Monday.

When I walked into the classroom and sat down at a desk, I looked to my immediate left and saw a classmate reading a book entitled Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening. I smiled to myself and thought: Oh yes, I'm in the right place. Of course, I couldn't resist starting a conversation with my classmate about her reading material, and in a matter of minutes, guess what I mentioned? Wait for it...wait for we go...AYP!

Shocker, right?

Then today, I was eating lunch with another classmate, and again, in a matter of minutes, she started talking about a strong kundalini blast she had experienced last year. I just laughed exuberantly and proceeded to tell her my own tale of being touched by the Spirit. We also talked about our mutual affinity for Harry Potter, and I showed her the "Dark Mark" of Voldemort etched on my inner forearm, recently drawn with henna ink by an artistic co-worker. (The "Dark Mark" is a depiction of a kundalini-like snake crawling out of a skull—it's pretty gnarly and creative.) Naturally, I eventually brought AYP into the conversation.

I've lost count of how many people I've told about AYP, but it's probably in the hundreds by now. It happens randomly. The other day I was at Smoothie King, and the cashier was wearing a chakra necklace, and I said: "Hey, check out this website," then she eagerly scribbled down the address. At sporadic times like those, when I feel like it's a good opportunity to bring up AYP, I speak a few casual words, then let them go, like samyama. Who knows when or how they will take effect? I don't worry too much about the outcome, because I simply enjoy any chance to speak freely about this platform in the open air (which is realer to me than the online forum).

Despite my cheerleader demeanor and persistent candor in divulging my spiritual preferences and past history, there are still only a handful of people I'm in touch with locally who practice AYP. But, in time, I think a few will turn into many. This material is too good to be ignored indefinitely. I know it to be true, even though I can't prove it. The unfolding of the future will be proof enough.

Anyway, I was conversing with yet another classmate today, and he told me how a relatively new massage technique called myofascial release had helped heal his knee injury, after surgery had failed to mend the damage. He was so inspired by his own recovery that he is getting his massage therapy license so he can pay it forward to others in need.

The power of human touch is undeniable. I'm not sure that anything comes closer than touch to expressing and transmitting the vibrations of love that emanate from stillness. When I wrote a series of blogs on the five senses, I deliberately put touch at the very end of the series—saving the best for last.

It is through touch that we feel, and it is through feeling that we realize and become who we are destined to be. To feel at the deepest level is to experientially know the truth, thereby returning to the source of our own consciousness. The more stillness there is, the realer it becomes.

The higher power is in us.

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