Blog #60: Shedding Light on DJ Shadow

Blog #60: Shedding Light on DJ Shadow

Being totally addicted to Deep Meditation, I'm not a big fan of guided meditations involving external cues. When the mind has to stay focused on something on the outside, it robs one of the opportunity to plunge deep into consciousness and explore the obscured layers hidden underneath. With Deep Meditation, the cue is the unspoken mantra uttered by our own inner voice, and that implicitly turns our gaze inward, to where the heart of stillness resides.

That being said, I certainly understand why some people choose guided meditations to pick up a little serenity. Also, I have a great love for ambient music and transcendental lyrics that soothe the soul. For instance, there is a powerful song by DJ Shadow called "Blood on the Motorway".

The song begins with a piping church organ and an ethereal voice that echoes with the proclamation: "And now...eternity..." Then, a more subtle piano begins playing simple chords at a slow tempo, and a new voice enters the soundscape. It is the voice of a calm, reassuring man, and he says:

Be still now. I am with you. I am deep within you. You are at peace. You cannot be harmed. You will not suffer.
Breathe deeply. Breathe in the healing love of the universe, and breathe out the sickness which has taken you. I am with you.

I definitely get plenty of ecstatic goosebumps when that part creeps in. The words are profound, and his tone of voice resonates with a sturdy and genuine timbre. His healing guidance also reminds me of a peripheral AYP technique called heart breathing, in which the inhalation and exhalation of breathing are used to draw in the chosen ideal and release obstructions (see AYP Plus for more details).

Anyway, the song changes course, and another voice chimes in—this time with much more gusto and exaltation:

You have not betrayed your ideals. Your ideals betrayed you. What are you going to do?
Your eyes will not close. Your tongue barely speaks. But I can still feel you. I can still feel you.
So come, come relax. Grin. Let the changes in. Come on, come relax.
Grin. Let the laughter, let the laughter, let the laughter begin.
Grin, let the changes in.
Grin, let the changes in.

Alas, the instrumental chorus and synthesizer explode into a break-dancing kind of rhythm, and DJ Shadow's drumming pumps plenty of exuberance and joy into the final plateau of the tune as it fades away and tapers off into silence. It's one of my favorites, by far. I highly recommend it.

But I want to highlight the last part of the verse...the mention of an ideal betraying its aspirant. This is very important. The ideal we choose will shape our path. If the ideal is shallow and lacking deep substance—like drugs, alcohol, or the pursuit of money for its own sake—then we will definitely hit a wall and find ourselves in a trap. However, if the chosen ideal is imbued with essences of ecstatic bliss, stillness in action, and an outpouring of divine love, then we are bound for success.

So, choose wisely, and relax. Grin. Let the changes in.

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