Blog #48: The Five Senses — Vision

Blog #48: The Five Senses — Vision

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in rain."

So spoke the epic villain of Blade Runner with his dying words, right before his head slumped over and his hands released the white dove he had so tenderly and fervently been holding.

I only know a handful of other movie scenes that have touched me with that kind of power. Who can deny the emotional potency of watching a favorite film and feeling its images sink into the innermost regions of the heart space? There is something special about viewing motion pictures on screen, precisely because they relate to the substance of our real-life movies that occur off screen. Yes, living life is like living in a movie. But in real life, the movie is being projected by the light of pure bliss consciousness onto the screen of our sensory perception. So, in some sense, a Hollywood movie is a dream within a dream.

In another magnificent and profound film called Contact, the main character is an astronomer who gets catapulted into a wormhole and bears witness to a stunning cosmic event: the birthing of stars. With dropped jaw and tears of joy streaming down her face, she humbly quivers: "They should have sent a poet."

I remember first watching that movie and immediately thinking: "I've got to get into that wormhole." I never would have imagined that only several years later I would be reading the following words in digital print on the AYP website: "One hundred thousand years to cross our galaxy at the speed of light? We can meet on the other side right now, and be back again in an instant. The universe is our playground when we are reborn in the divine flow resulting from the marriage of abiding inner silence and our ecstatic awakening. We are here, everywhere, and nowhere. Free!"

Science fiction can become reality, but to make it so, we need vision.

Vision is not only a sense we perceive through our eyes, but also an instinct and intuition that transcends the details of the visible Earth environment. The kind of vision I'm referring to reaches into the realm of the invisible, the unknown, the mysterious. It's the kind of vision that would compel a person to take up AYP techniques and to strive for access to the interior dimensions of our Being.

In tandem with vision are also desire and action—the two other necessary ingredients needed to achieve travel through the intergalactic wormhole. Infused with persistence and consistency, plus some cosmic samyama, the formula becomes complete. All that is required is to fill in the blanks. Simple, albeit a little daunting.

On a less grandiose note, I wanted to mention that I wear contact lenses due to some nearsightedness. Without the contact lenses, it's difficult for me to see far away objects. The visual scenery takes on a watery fuzziness, kind of like an impressionist painting. Even if I had perfect 20/20 vision, there would still be a limit to what my physical eyes could behold. Fortunately, what my physical eyes lack, my inner eye does not. There is much more scope and magnitude to be experienced inside, and outside too. Even those who suffer blindness, like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, have proven that artistic or spiritual vision is not stifled by minor handicaps. There is always a way to go further.

Peering into the distance, I see a faint but magical horizon. It is within reach. It is already here and now. It is our destiny.

Thank you for reading.

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