Blog #47: The Five Senses — Hearing

Blog #47: The Five Senses — Hearing

In AYP, there is much talk about inner silence. The goal of Deep Meditation is to cultivate a condition of inner silence permanently—not only during the meditation session, but perpetually, throughout all states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. How does Deep Meditation purport to achieve this? Well, it's simple...the technique refines a sound inside the mind, nervous system, and deepest reaches of our being, thereby merging the sound with inner silence through gradual purification and opening. It's kind of like dissolving sugar in water. Sugar = the mantra. Water = inner silence.

But to practice this method, we need our sense of internal hearing. That's right—our sense of hearing is given the utmost priority when boarding the flagship of the AYP armada. After all, what use is an inner sound (the mantra), if there is no one to to hear its vibration? There must be a subject to hear, and an object to be heard. The process of refinement and absorption is a dance, a game, an interplay between subject and object.

Our instrument of inner hearing becomes intimately connected to the mantra as we descend through dense layers of subconscious obstructions. It is a beautiful, bizarre, and multi-faceted journey, and one I've been trekking for five years now.

Initially, I thought I would be writing this blog all about the amazing external sounds in life, like my favorite music, or the splendor of a Georgia accent when spoken by a compassionate woman, or the exquisite attributes found in Mother Nature (the rushing and roaring of waves; the rippling of a breeze through a canopy of trees; or the symphony created by the chirping of crickets at night—enveloping and enriching their surroundings with a chorus of lullabies and ancient whispers.)

But the inner guru guided me towards the sounds of the interior. And come to think of it, the mere act of reading creates inner sounds, does it not? As you're reading the words of this blog, can you notice the internal voice that is reciting what you're eyes are picking up off the page? You see, you have your own personal narrator. How else could you comprehend the meaning of this transmission?

Through meditation, I've become quite familiar with my own narrator. He has many opinions, many things he wants to say, many songs he wants to sing. I listen to him. He is part of the seed of my individuality (not the terrible "ego" so often cited, vilified, and misunderstood in popular spiritual rhetoric). He is not my enemy. He is my closest friend. He is a reflection of, being the silent witness listening to his holographic ideations, fantasies, and recollections. He is connected to my silence, and my silence shapes and informs him.

Actually, they are One. I have yet to find a way to sever or disconnect the inner voice from my silent core of awareness. They are married eternally, and divorce is not an option. Though the inner and outer voice of Cody may be limited in its time and scope on Earth, the inner silence will never forget him, nor permanently erase his signature sound and vibration. Somehow, the silence will preserve and retain the seed of individuality. I can't prove it to you, yet I know it to be true. It is the knowingness of silence, beyond prophecy or premonition.

Anyway, I won't stop chasing the mantra down the rabbit hole of inner silence, and I have my sense of hearing to thank for this hopeless addiction I've picked up along the way. Here I am, just a pathetic bliss addict, chained to the audible melodies of my own mind, falling into a chasm of infinite peace and joy. What a disaster!

So, if you dare...sit down, tune in, and listen to the sound.

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