Blog #41: Perfection Becoming More Perfect

Blog #41: Perfection Becoming More Perfect

I am drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie. I am intermittently texting a dear friend in the AYP network. I am sitting at my desk and answering phone calls from nurses, who report deaths from the hospital and contribute to the ever-recycling cache of organ donors and recipients. And, I am writing this blog, of course.

Everything is perfect. The touch of my fingers to the QWERTY keyboard is perfect. The passage of thoughts through my mind is perfect. The matrix of phenomena within the field of perception is incomprehensibly perfect as well. It has all been perfect, from the very beginning, and will stay perfect, until the very end. Well, maybe it will become a little more perfect. Let's explore.

What do I mean by perfection? I mean that everything is unfolding according to cause and effect. Therein lies the flawlessness. The infallibility of reality does not hinge upon a subjective judgment relating to quality. We are not talking about a diamond connoisseur's opinion of the sparkling facets of a gemstone. We are talking about the continuity, perpetuity, and ongoing flow of stillness in action. Within the scope of that spectrum are an infinite number of options, including horrifying and terrible occurrences, and even those are perfect.

Even if everything went terribly wrong, it would still be exactly right. Why? Because nothing can outsmart cause and effect. That is why we honor and master the law of karma in AYP. We return to the source of all causes, which is stillness, and then we actively influence the effect of material manifestation through practices like samyama. We place a relaxed but attentive hand on the steering wheel. Not too much tension, but enough to handle the curves of the road smoothly and responsively. It's finesse, you know.

If everything is already perfect, why bother changing anything? Well, therein lies the paradox. Perfection can become more perfect. A blank canvas that is spotless secretly yearns to be splattered upon with brushstrokes and color. The bare face of a vertical mountain wants to be climbed. The rolling waves of the blue ocean are begging to be surfed. Stillness wants to move. Look all around—the interfaces of nature and the mind are intended to be put to use, with maximum creativity and optimal functionality. Paradise!

Again, a question might arise: if everything in inherently perfect, why is there so much pain and disaster and tragedy?

Because...perfection is becoming more perfect, remember! We are works in progress. We experiment. We operate by trial and error. We discover what ways work the best and what ways lead to detrimental consequences. Fortunately, we can draw conclusions and learn from our mistakes.

Earlier I mentioned a diamond connoisseur, meticulously gazing upon a coveted piece of jewelry. The connoisseur peers through a magnifying glass, looking for trademark characteristics, like color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The more shining and radiant the qualities are, the more the diamond will be valued. So it is with our human personalities. When we exemplify divine qualities like love, unity, health, wisdom, and strength, we value ourselves, and other people value us too. This is how the perception of beauty comes into play, through perceiving sparkling qualities, both inside and out.

There's nothing spiritually wrong with searching or striving for more perfection. The diamond connoisseur is not anti-spiritual. But the diamond connoisseur is well-advised to remember where the pristine purity comes from. And where is that? From within. From stillness in action. From the infinite heartspace. That is where the true treasure rests.

OK then, I'll see you somewhere, skipping and soaring along in our perfectly evolving existence.

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