Blog #24: Akasha – Inner Space

Blog #24: Akasha – Inner Space

The manifest universe is a dream in the mind of God. My individual perspective is an extension of that dream, and therefore, we could say that the experience of individuality is a dream within a dream. One Big Dream...generating countless little dreams.

The element that links all the little dreams together is inner space, or akasha. It is the most subtle, profound, and all-encompassing of the five classical elements. And what is akasha made of? It is made of none other than consciousness itself. This manifest awareness is the fabric that holds together the content of our interior world (thoughts, emotions, relationships, energy, and so on).

Akasha rests on the edge of stillness and vibration, on the cusp of infinite and finite, on the border between physical and non-physical. It is a medium sewn into the tapestry of space and time. Because of its intricate and fundamental role in existence, akasha grants us the opportunity to bend the laws of physicality in ways that are far-reaching and mind-boggling.

Let me be more specific. Have you ever felt connected to someone who was very far away—separated by many miles of physical distance, yet somehow perceived to be immediately close to you, even within you? Maybe a long-distance friend came into your mind, then you received a phone call from them only moments later. At some point, these kind of synchronistic events happen to everybody, with varying degrees of lucidity and recurrence. It's very natural.

Akasha is what makes such exchanges possible. The more tuned in we are to inner space, the more we can cross boundaries and distances that once seemed uncrossable. Such is the miracle of the infinite touching the finite.

As was mentioned in the last blog about air, there is a sutra in samyama called "Akasha - Lightness of Air". Akasha and air are quite similar because they are both mediums which hold objects and allow those objects to traverse across their spaciousness. For air, it's physical phenomena. For akasha, it's the phenomena of the interior world.

Paradoxically, there is no absolute line dividing akasha and the other elements. Just as the atmosphere of Earth has no hardened boundary between itself and outer space (there are only layers overlapping each other), so does akasha intertwine with fire, water, earth, and air.

Because of this interconnectedness, we can see quite clearly that all of life is aware. All of life is connected. All of life is happening across a boundless field of awareness, which is the platform for the spacetime continuum.

Make contact with your inner space, and deepen that relationship. You won't regret it.

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  1. Matthew says:

    We are constantly exchanging Akasha. It has become so routine and comforting to be interconnected like this. We could say that we are Akashic Friends:) This has profound joy in it because it reinforces our unity. Namaste Akashic Friend!

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