Blog #20: Deep Water

Blog #20: Deep Water

It's been raining torrentially and flooding the streets. What better opportunity than to write about water, a sacred element deeply tied to our origins and ongoing existence.

What is water?

From a chemical perspective, it is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Since I'm not much of a chemist, I won't dive too deep into the chemistry. But I do find it profound to mention that hydrogen is both the lightest and most abundant chemical element in the universe at large, whereas oxygen is the most abundant chemical element on Earth. A potent combination.

Water is intertwined not only with hydrating and sustaining the body, but also purifying it. We all take a bath, and water is the primary cleanser, with soap and shampoo being secondary in the process. Besides purification of the body, there are spiritual implications with water and purity.

The ceremony of baptism uses water to symbolically wash away the sins of the Christian devotee, and to cleanse their soul so that they may receive the grace of God. As a child, I went to a Catholic school, and quite a few of my classmates had been baptized in an official ritual, yet I had not. I felt lacking, and I implored my grandmother for a solution, so she made up her own ceremony and baptized my brother and me with her own spiritual authority and blessing. Now that's good improvisation, not to mention a little radical!

In Deep Meditation in AYP, we are immersing our mind in what has been called the ocean of pure bliss consciousness. This ocean of blissful awareness purifies the obstructions lodged in our nervous system (accumulated from past actions and mental identification), and opens us up to a divine flow of love, wisdom, abundance, and countless other qualities that spring forth from the life-giving Ocean of the Infinite.

So, there is clearly an awesome connection between physical water and our non-physical spirit. Water is a sublime bridge spanning across our continuum of Self.

I've been fortunate enough to spend many hours on the water of Florida—fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, paddling inland on the Hillsborough River, swimming in the freshwater sinkholes around Tallahassee, and more.

Water and marine life are very common in my dreams at night. The other night I had a dream I was floating in a river and playing with an alligator's tail. He whipped around and stared at me with penetrating eyes, then swam off into the distance. Sharks, dolphins, fish of all shapes and sizes—these creatures populate my psyche.

I could write so much more about water. All I know is that water is mind-boggling, and that the purity of its liquid holds keys to our super-deep origins, as well as to our mysterious future.

Long live the water.

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  1. Jaimoe Gluvna says:

    2-3 liters a day to keep the kidneys functioning properly, keep the GFR> 50.

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