Blog #16: Relapse

Blog #16: Relapse

I'm going to get straight to the point. Here we go.

To relapse is the result of a resistance to moving forward. The nature of evolutionary life is to move forward, and forward movement occurs in two fundamental ways: 1) in a linear fashion, and 2) in a cyclical fashion.

What does linear mean? Well, the "line" in linear refers to a piece of space that connects two separate points in some kind of functional way. We use lines to travel from one place to the next, not only in physical space, but metaphorically and mentally. I can draw a line from my house to the grocery store, and I can also draw a line from addiction to recovery.

What does cyclical mean? The "cycle" in cyclical refers to a quality of repetition, as well as a return to an original source. The shape that most reflects the essence of a cycle is the circle. A circle is a bent line that never diverts from its constant path—following the perfect curve of pi (π), thereby remaining totally self-contained. Cycles are happening all around us, and within us.

Here's where it gets interesting. When you combine the two qualities of linear and cyclical, you get a spiral. A spiral is a circular line that revolves around a central point. So, if we move backwards, or against the flow of forward progress, it has been said that we are in a downward (negative) spiral. When we move forward, it could be said that we are in an upward (positive) spiral.

I have relapsed one time about four years ago, and that short relapse had the quality of a downward spiral (resisting forward momentum). Basically, I was trying to drag someone along that didn't want to get dragged along. Fortunately, it didn't last long. Lesson learned.

The relapse taught me to keep moving forward, regardless of who is coming with me. Even in solitude, or when the number of companions is seemingly sparse, it is advantageous to keep spiraling towards ecstatic bliss. One way we can keep spiraling forward is by using the Dare to Dream Formula:

The more we follow a vision of enlightenment, the more enlightenment will be here now. To some extent, it is already here now, but that doesn't mean we can't amplify and enrich it further. To amplify and enrich our Being requires momentum and traction in stillness, and we can acquire That by shaking off the identity of being an addict or alcoholic.

The identity isn't real, but the stillness in action is.

If you're coming off a relapse, or fear that you might be headed towards one, take a look at the Dare to Dream Formula. You won't regret it.

If followed diligently, the formula will pave a road for success—leaving the tendency to relapse far behind. Let's blaze ahead, and not look back.

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  1. Tom Cudney says:

    You use the image of the spiral very well to indicate the organic nature of grace in our lives. What propels the spiraling body onward, if the body’s individual will resists this call forward? It is, in my view, the call toward the will of God. That is the true genesis and impetus of our motion: it is the natural, joyful purpose and fulfillment of human life.

    Let us consider. Can a body spiral infinitely? If it does, then the distance between cycles becomes ever greater, until the spiral is too diffuse to be traceable (or relevant) to the life of the natural body in it. If it does not spiral forever and comes to an end, as is really the case, and has chaste restriction to its breadth and dominion, in short, to its individual life, then the body dies, and the cause of the motion may or may not. regardless of the rate of cyclic expansion or their potential expanse, we have to acknowledge that human life is certainly limited.

    We are given to reflect on the significance of this spiral, of this life, and of our intellect’s (consciousness’s) time with our own soul. So must we also consider our actions (will) since no spiral is in a causal vacuum. We will be drawn to accept our limitations as putting us in a free celebration of and agreement with the will that animates us in our life, which is the will of God.

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