Blog #15: The Relationship of Ego, Witness, and Self

Blog #15: The Relationship of Ego, Witness, and Self

There is a little voice in my mind. A narrator, a commentator, a wordsmith who at times seems to take on a life of his own. It is the ego voice, and often gets expressed outwardly in the form of audible sounds coming from my mouth. Furthermore, this voice has a unique timbre, and falls under the umbrella of a particular individual known as Cody Ellis Rickett.

But for some reason, the inner/outer Cody voice does not fully encapsulate my sense of self. There is something more, and maybe even something less. There is another aspect of self, which in AYP, is called the witness. The witness is the silent listener that hears the voice. The witness is the seed consciousness that also perceives all other sensations, both inside and out. The witness is beyond characterization, even though it embraces all characterization.

So, there seems to be a paradox here. There is a very active voice with unique qualities that wants to be heard, and yet, there is a perpetually peaceful witness that seems to be timeless and unaffected by the colors of change.

I guess the real question is: where do the two meet, and are they even separate in the first place?

At the risk of being overly simple, I will answer the question directly by saying: they meet in the Here Now, and no, they are not separate in any absolute sense. They are married, intertwined, intimately connected. They are part of one self—replicating itself, changing itself, being itself.

How do I know the answer to these questions, especially if I can't prove it to you? Well, this kind of knowledge has been called knowingness, which surpasses any understanding of the intellect. Even so, perhaps I can provide some clues to shed light on the puzzle.

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and forgot which side you were on? Have you ever merged in a way that looking upon their body was pretty much the same as looking upon your own body? Have you ever seen the environment as an extension of your self, with no absolute line dividing the observer and the observed?

Deep down, we know that our Self is both beyond the ego and the witness. We are deeper than the voice, and even deeper than the listener of the voice. We are a mystery, and yet, we can get closer to our mystery by merging the inside with the outside, through yoga practices and living life to its fullest.

You know, it's very fashionable and popular in some Eastern and Western spiritual circles to denigrate the ego, as well as the mind. Many people tout "selflessness" as the supreme virtue to be attained. Individuality is portrayed as a burden to be gotten rid of. If only we could follow God's will, then we would be free of sin and selfishness!

But I don't buy into that trend. From my view, it's been God all along—playing His/Her/Its game in the form of a diverse, multifarious existence. In my book, God is synonymous with Self. After all, where does God end, and the "I" of self begin? Can you honestly locate the dividing line?

I can't find the line, because there is no line to be found.

Chew on that for a little while.

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  1. Russell Kyle says:

    No line, I’m with ya. Nice post. Thanks

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