What is AYP for Recovery?

AYP is an acronym for Advanced Yoga Practices. AYP for Recovery is a flexible, scientific approach to recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. It is open to public scrutiny, as all spiritual knowledge should be these days. This website is dedicated to those who long for self-knowledge and self-realization.

"As open-source teachings like the AYP baseline system come more into the public awareness, more horizontal transmission of knowledge will be occurring according to the direct experience of steadily increasing numbers of practitioners around the world who continue to share. This kind of spiritual knowledge transmission has also been called peer-to-peer. Due to its inherent non-hierarchical nature, this style of knowledge transmission avoids many of the pitfalls found in hierarchical systems where the abuse of power over others has been commonplace. The horizontal peer-to-peer structure is "candles lighting candles until all candles are lit." This is possible with the rise of real spiritual progress in many practitioners. It is not only the transmission of ideas. It is also the transmission of spiritual energy that quickens the process of human spiritual transformation in everyone. Before now, this has not been possible. With the rapid rise of consciousness around the world, this new mode of teaching is taking hold—the direct transmission of knowledge and spiritual energy, which is stillness in action."
--Yogani from Lesson 388 – Our Role as Teachers

AYP for Recovery follows this model by focusing on how spiritual methods can assist a person in recovering from addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other materialistic attachments. The recovery community desperately needs better tools to make swift progress. This website provides instructional material to achieve that transformation. However, this is a self-directed modality, which is sustained by an inner calling for lasting peace and joy. We can only point the way. The rest is up to you. We have a common goal, and that is to cultivate a permanent condition of ecstatic bliss. THAT is our “normal state”. THAT is our birthright. THAT is the destination to which we go.

Why are we recovering?

We are recovering because we suffered from the negative consequences of substance use and abuse, which wrought injury and illness upon our body and mind.

What are we transforming?

We are redirecting our desire for substance use towards a more purposeful pursuit of higher consciousness via the efficient means of yoga practices and philosophy.

What are we transcending?

We are transcending the suffering which comes from limited identification as an addict or alcoholic, and by transcending the body and mind, we are expanding our sense of self to encompass All That Is.

What is the result?

The result is a life of increasing freedom and joy, along with an improved ability to participate in, and contribute to, the miracles of life.


AYP Recovery Techniques

"An open and integrated system of advanced yoga practices is offered here which will unfold natural ecstatic radiance. The techniques act directly through heart, mind, body, breath and sexuality. Practices taught in the lessons include deep meditation using an efficient universal mantra, advanced spinal breathing pranayama methods, samyama, self-inquiry, and an integration of hatha, kundalini and tantra techniques, all for steadily cultivating inner peace and enlightenment through daily practice. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own speed in taking on new practices. Much attention is devoted in the lessons to developing skills in "self-pacing," with the aim of assisting every practitioner to become self-sufficient in yoga.

The author, Yogani, is an American spiritual scientist with many years’ experience in blending powerful yoga methods with the modern lifestyle. The focus here is on revealing practices that work, not on promoting a sectarian view. All are invited to join in, regardless of background or level of skill in yoga. These lessons can be used as a stand-alone teaching, or as "food for thought" to supplement any other path."


Vision + Desire + Action = Achievement

...with persistence and consistency being underlying qualities found in all of the elements on the left side of the equation.


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